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Brian Sewell
- first choice DP
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Brian Sewell , cameraman. A selection of documentaries filmed

Vanity Insanity - Plastic Surgery Revealed      Discovery  
World Cup Stories - Brazil, the Golden Team BBC  
Holiday Best 10 – Great Journeys BBC  
Amazon Adventurers (sequence, filmed in H.D.) History Channel  
Cosmetic Surgery Live ITV  
Trouble at the Top --Brazil Spirit BBC Business  
Perfect Holiday BBC  
Natural Wonders of the World – The Amazon Discovery  
Faultlines- Brazil ITV  
The Magic Bean BBC Correspondent  
The New Face of Leprosy BBC World  
On the Rio Beat BBC Correspondent  
Revolutionary Rhythms National Geographic  
Mario Testino Fashion Photographer BBC Omnibus  
Soapacabana BBC Choice  
Triumph of Life PSB/WNET  
S.Y. Moon, Emperor of the Universe BBC Reputations  
Mission Wild – Brazil’s Black Lion Tamarins National Geographic  
Tracking the First Americans BBC Ancient Voices  
When Dinos Ruled Learning Channel  
Millennium TNT  

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